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Greek Children's Book Circle Award
Titles found in the Biblionet database
[2004] Papamóschou, Iró, Love's yesterday, Patakis Publishers
[2002] Mástori, Voúla, The Snowman Took Mum Away, Patakis Publishers
[2002] Tsaroúchas, Paschális, Schooner Coralia, Patakis Publishers
[1999] Remoúndos, Giánnis, Which Way to Deligiannis Street?, Psichogios
[1996] Márra, Eiríni, The Empty Bottle, Patakis Publishers
[1996] Psaráfti, Lítsa S., Ecate's smile, Patakis Publishers
[1988] Veletá - Vasileiádou, María, Star in Love, Synchroni Epochi
[1980] Kanáva, Zoí V., With the Chains of Freedom, Apostoliki Diakonia tis Ekklisias tis Ellados
Valási, Zoí, The King´s Daughter Who Asked for the Moon, Ellinika Grammata
Lamprinídis, Antónis, Fairytales from my Village, Atlantis
Lamprinídis, Antónis, Greek Fairytales, Atlantis
Lamprinídis, Antónis, Traditional Fairytales, Atlantis
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