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National Literary Prize for Children's Literature
Titles found in the Biblionet database
[2008] Papatheodórou, Vasílis, Breath on the Window Pane, Kedros Publishers
[2006] Mástori, Voúla, Dorilenia, Patakis Publishers
[2004] The Disappearance of Dorothy Snot , Patakis Publishers
[2001] Dimópoulos, Ntínos, Vanka and the Strays, Kastaniotis
[2000] Boulótis, Chrístos, The Statue That Was Cold, Patakis Publishers
[1998] Kontoléon, Mános, Mask on the Moon, Patakis Publishers
[1997] Sarantíti - Panagiótou, Eléni, Once Upon a Time the Hunter, Kastaniotis
[1996] Psaráfti, Lítsa S., Ecate's smile, Patakis Publishers
[1995] Loΐzou, Máro, Our Little Mother Russia, Kedros Publishers
[1994] Sarí, Zorz, Ninette, Patakis Publishers
[1993] Zéi, Álki, Theatre for Children, Kedros Publishers
[1989] Tzórtzoglou, Nítsa, The Three Sigmas, Kastaniotis
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