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Collective Work. La société Grecque sous la domination Ottomane : Économie, identité, structure sociale et conflits / Syllogiko ergo, Athanasia Anagnostopoulou, Spiros I. Asdrachas, Apostolos I. Diamantis, Maria Efthymiou, Nikolaos Kotaridis, Georgios V. Nikolaou, Martha Pylia, Nikolaos V. Rotzokos, John D. Sakkas, Vasiliki Seirinidou, Nikolaos Théotokas, Dionysios Tzakis, Nikolaos V. Vaféas ; editor Maria Eythymiou ; translator Martine Schneider - Nikolaou. - 1st ed. - Athens : , 2010. - 480p. ; 24x15cm.

Languages: French; English
Includes bibliography
ISBN 978-960-485-003-7 (Paper-bound) [In Print]
€ 42,40 (Last update: 18/11/2011) ; Price including 6% V.A.T.

Ottoman Empire [DDC: 956.016]
Hellenism [DDC: 938.99]

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