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Collective Work. Tribute to Angelos Terzakis : For his seventy years / Syllogiko ergo, Konstantinos Tsatsos, Mich. D. Stasinopoulos, N. Chatzikyriakos - Gkikas, P. Prevelakis, Alexis Minotis, Dimitris Myrat, Alexis Solomos, Minas Dimakis, D. P. Papaditsas, N. D. Karoyzos, M. G. Meraklis, P. V. Paschos, Matthaios Mountes, Giorgis Manoysakis, Christoforos Liontakis, Thanasis Niarchos, Kostas E. Tsiropoulos, Konstantinos Vassis, Nena I. Kokkinaki, Dimitris Kosmopoylos, Dionysis K. Magkliveras, Nikos Al. Milionis, Thanasis Papathanasopoylos, Kyriakos Plisis, Kostas Triantafyllidis. - 2nd ed. - Athens : Efthini, 2000. - 254p. ; 25x16cm. - (Responsibility Notebooks ; 4)

1st edition: 1977.
Distributor: .
Original title: Prosforá Ston Ángelo Terzáki
Includes bibliography
ISBN 960-8150-03-5, ISBN-13 978-960-8150-03-4 (Paper-bound) [In Print]
€ 15,48 ; Price including 6% V.A.T.

Greek literature, Modern - Interpretation and criticism [DDC: 889.09]
Terzakis, Angelos, 1907-1979 [DDC: 928]
Dimákis, Minás. March in the Night / Minas Dimakis ; editor Christoforos Liontakis ; series editor Mimis Soyliotis. - Athens : Ermis Ekdotiki, 1999. - 130p. ; 21x14cm. - (Anthologos Hermes ; 20 ; Poetry)

Introduction by M. Loukakis
Original title: Poreía Mésa Sti Nýchta
ISBN 960-320-093-Χ, ISBN-13 978-960-320-093-2 (Paper-bound) [In Print]
€ 10,65 (Last update: 26/1/2010) ; Price including 6% V.A.T.

Greek poetry, Modern [DDC: 889.1]

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