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BIBLIONET offers two options for accessing its database: either online or through its DVD-ROM (Greek Books-In-Print).

The web site begun operating on January 1st 2000, offering online access to the BIBLIONET database. On July 1st 2003 access was made openly available to the public. One year later, after the hosting of the services by the National Book Centre of Greece (EKEBI), most of the quality features were enhanced.
In addition to the online access of the database, two other use options are offered:
· 1. Other sites can offer links to the BIBLIONET site
· 2. Other parties can employ BIBLIONET site content

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BiblioNet DVD-ROM 3.2BIBLIONET/ Greek Books-in-Print DVD-ROM

In May 2008, Greek Books-in-Print DVD-ROM/ BIBLIONET 10th edition came out, with detailed information on over
· 130,000 book titles
· 2,000 publishers
· 65,000 authors (writers, translators, editors, illustrators, photographers, et al.)

The DVD-Rom allows its user to:

· perform either simple or complex searches of the database
· store the results in his hard drive
· keep a log of his searches
· access the BIBLIONET web site for daily updating the content of the DVD-Rom



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