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     [500] Natural sciences
     [530] Physics
       [530.07] Physics - Study and teaching
         [530.07] Physics - Study and teaching (Highest)
   DDC: [530.07]
Physics for the 1st Class, Volume 1
Mamoúras, Dimítris
Ziti Publications 2001

This book is dealing with the concepts of physics beginning from zero basis. In the first volume the following chapters are developed: Movements - Force in a dimension - Force in two dimensions are the subjects in a form of question-answer technique, given in a simple way.

Physics for C Class of Lyceum, Part One (Positive - Technological Direction)
Atreídis, Giórgos V.
Ziti Publications 2001

Part 1: Electricity - Circuit of direct current - Electromagnetic induction - Alternating current. Contents: Elements of theory - Methodology - Questions of all types - Formality - Solved problems - Problems for solving - Criterion.

Learning physics on the Internet
Gkoútsias, Antónios I.
Kastaniotis 2001

Although it is certainly no longer original to state that the Internet has effected every aspect of our society, the Internet remains severely under-utilised in schools.

Medical Physics
Maniátis, Pános S.
Makedonikes Ekdoseis 2000
Parginós, A.
Primus - Kapatou 1993
Teaching Physics
Michailídis, Panagiótis G.
Ellin 1993
Physics Experiments for Primary, High School and Lyceum
Kókkotas, Panagiótis V.

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