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     [100] Philosophy
     [170] Ethics

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Alasdair MacIntyre

Papazisis Publishers 2012
About Animals - With Sense and Sensibility
Collective Work
Psichogios 2011
Between the Moral and the Rational

Papazisis Publishers 2008

Is it possible that I desire more intensely to act according to my second best judgment than I desire to act according to my leading one, at the very same instance?

Writings on Morality
Papagoúnos, Giórgos
Papazisis Publishers 1999
Ethical Philosophy
Pelegrínis, Theodósis
Ellinika Grammata 1997
Ethics and Politics. Myth and Reality
Alexandrís, Kóstas D.
In the Garden
Potamiános, Dimítris
Kastaniotis 1996
The World of Intellect
Papanoútsos, Evángelos P.
Dodoni 1995
Traité des vertus
Gemistós, Geórgios (Plethon)
Academy of Athens 1987

George Gemiste Plethon est ne dans la seconde moitie du quatorzieme siecle, probablement vers 1360, dans une grande famille sacerdotale de Constantinople.

Basic Principles of Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Medical Responsibility
Koutselínis, Antónios S.

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