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       [889] Greek literature, Modern
         [889.1] Greek poetry, Modern
           [889.1] Greek poetry, Modern - History and criticism
Homo poëticus
Michaíl, Sávvas
Agra Publications 2006
Richard Strauss at the Sicelianos House in Delphi
Konstantinídis, Thános
Agra Publications 2006
First Voyage to Greece
Kaváfis, Konstantínos P.
Roes 2002
Pure Poetry in Greece
Gkrékou, Agorí
Alexandria 2000

How were the demands for purity, perfection and musicality in poetry, as first formulated by Poe, Baudelaire, Mallarme and Valery, introduced in Greece? Why did they come at odds with the demands for the national good and the priority of the historical event? This original study examines the outstanding figures in the movement - Palamas, Paraschos, Sikelianos, Melachrinos, Emmanuel, Seferis - compares them with their foreign counterparts and interprets the reactions of critics.

Yorgos Seferis. Poet and Citizen: Multimedia Exhibition
Collective Work
National Book Centre of Greece 2000
The Art of Verse
Spatalás, Gerásimos
Crete University Press 1997
Post-War Political Poetry
Ménti, Dóra
Kedros Publishers 1995
The Religious Views of C. P. Cavafy
Poulís, Stéfanos I.
Govostis Ekdotiki
From the Heptanese

Iolkos Publications 1999
Plagal Verb
Dállas, Giánnis
Kastaniotis 1989
Cavafy and History
Dállas, Giánnis
Ermis Ekdotiki 1986
Opera of Giannis Ritsos, With Chronology
Makrynikóla, Aikateríni
Kedros Publishers 1982
Greek Poetry
Trypánis, Konstantínos A.
Hestia Publishers

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