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     [200] Religion
     [220] Bible
       [220.6] Bible - Criticism, interpretation etc.

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History of the New Testament Era
Agourídis, Sávvas Ch.
Pournaras P. S. 2011
Exegesis and Theology of Biblical Texts
Moúrtzios, Ioánnis Ch.
Pournaras P. S. 2011
Bible Not for Adults
Tsakalías, Argýris D.
Verettas Books 2005
Biblical hermeneutical and theological studies
Galánis, I.
Pournaras P. S. 2004
The sinless and the adulteress: John 7,53 - 8,11
Skiadarésis, Ioánnis G.
Pournaras P. S. 2001
Abraham the Magus
Kalópoulos, Michális Th.
Privately Published 2000
The Hermeneutics of Sacred Texts
Agourídis, Sávvas Ch.
Jesus Christ Was Greek
Trígkas, Evángelos L.
Dion 1999
The Lost Language of the Bible
Koutsoúkis, Dimítris
Kastaniotis 1996
Sayings, Maxims, Phrases from the Bible
Papazafeíri, Ioánna
Smili 1995

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