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El campo el mundo

Bampasákis, Giórgos - Íkaros
Open Cities

Lióntos, Sotíris
Ypsilon 2008
On the Word's Stage: From Belgrade to Tehran
Zoumpoulákis, Stávros
Hestia Publishers 2007

Two falls, two demolitions seem to define the new century in terms of international politics: the fall of the Wall of the Berlin (the end of communism and the Cold War) and the fall of the Twin Towers (the beginning of the global war against terrorism).

Greece on the Couch


"Thank you for calling the Pasok hotline:
· If you want to register a complaint, please press 1
· If you want to whine in mild frustration, please press 2

Elefthera Kimena: Gazing at Constantinople
Kortsáris, Aléxandros Ch.
Leaves of Tobacco
Nóllas, Dimítris
Hestia Publishers 2005
Greek Hangover
Koúrtovik, Dimosthénis
Nefeli 2005
Short Steps
Dímou, Níkos
Patakis Publishers 2004

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