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     [900] History. Geography
     [930] Archaeology. Antiquity. Greek history
       [938] Greece - History
         [938.9] Greece - History, Modern
           [938.99] Hellenism
             [938.99] Hellenism - Addresses, essays, lectures

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Solitary Blues
Rámfos, Stélios
Armos 2007
Diaspora and National Strategy
Papasotiríou, Charálampos
Ellinika Grammata 2000
Journey to Caucasus
Kampourídou, Tasoúla
Kyriakidi Bros 2000
The Tremors of Summer Happiness
Rámfos, Stélios
Armos 1999

Stellios Ramphos, author and sociologist, emerged at the end of the '70s as the leading theorist of neo-Orthodoxy - a socio-religious current that promoted a return to the Greek-Orthodox tradition as an answer to the problem of identity.

The Position of the Greeks in Egypt
Soulogiánnis, Efthýmios Th.
Municipality of Athens Cultural Organization 1999
Hellenism and Europe
Glýkatzi - Ahrweiler, Eléni
Goulandri - Chorn Foundation 1999
Turkish Rule
Metallinós, Geórgios D.
Akritas Publications 1998
What Greece Is
Reniéris, Márkos
Roes 1998
Nothing Sweeter than the Homeland
Pantoúlas, Theódoros E.
Pelasgos 1997
A People´s Course Through its National Tragedies, 300 BC - 2000 AD
Charalampópoulos, Ioánnis Th.
Dion 1997

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