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Karl Popper

Sideris I. Publications 2013
De la conscience exilée
Makrís, Níkos

Un grand nostalgique de l’eternite, Friedrich Nietzsche, criait vers sa solitude, vers l’exil pour leur demander refuge, loin, tres loin de toute verite.

Between the Moral and the Rational

Papazisis Publishers 2008

Is it possible that I desire more intensely to act according to my second best judgment than I desire to act according to my leading one, at the very same instance?

Meaning and Dominatiion
Faráklas, Giórgos
Hestia Publishers 2007

When the conditions under which we live are not free, then the meanings according to which we know and act are distorted.

For a Philosophy of the Apocalypse
Rozánis, Stéfanos
Psichogios 2007
L' univers des valeurs, univers de l' homme
Moutsópoulos, Evángelos
Academy of Athens 2005
Philosophy as Critical Social Theory
Georgíou, Theódoros
Alexandria 2004

Theodor Georgiou examines four theoretical directions or philosophical currents of the twentieth century, first under the epistemological light of the radical criticism of metaphysics, and secondly, under the epistemological viewpoint of the search for a new type of thinking.

The Challenge of the Present
Axelós, Kóstas M.
Nefeli 2002
Thought and Perspective
Deligiórgi, Alexándra
Alexandria 2002

This book persistently returns to the history of more recent and contemporary thinking, in an effort to arrive at the outset of such developments, so radical for human life.

The Debts of Reading
Kapsális, Dionýsis

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