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     [900] History. Geography
     [950] Asia - History
       [956] Minor Asia - History
         [956.016] Ottoman Empire

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Catalogue du fonds Ottoman des archives du moastère de Saint-Jean à Patmos
Collective Work
National Hellenic Research Foundation. Institute for Byzantine Research 2011
La société Grecque sous la domination Ottomane
Collective Work
The Eastern Mediterranean Under Ottoman Rule: Crete, 1645-1840
Collective Work
Crete University Press 2009

The island of Crete was conquered by the Ottomans in the mid-seventeenth century, and was their last significant, and long-lasting, conquest of territory not previously held.

Cretan Revolutions 1821-1905: Visiting Venizelos' Akrotiri
Manousákis, Giórgis
Sources for Turkish History in the Hospitallers' Rhodian Archive 1389 - 1422

National Hellenic Research Foundation. Institute for Byzantine Research 2009

For the period after 1389, and in particular for the years of Ottoman strife which followed the battle near Ankara in 1402, the sources for Turkish history are comparatively scarce.

Ottoman Architecture in Greece
Collective Work
Hellenic Ministry of Culture 2008
The Syllogos Movement of Constantinople and Ottoman Greek Education 1861-1923

Centre for Asia Minor Studies 2007
Ottoman Rule and the Balkans, 1760-1850: Conflict, Transformation, Adaptation
Collective Work

The papers in this volume come from a conference entitled "The Ottoman Empire and the Rise of Balkan Nationalisms, 1789-1832: Conflict, Transformation, Adaptation", which was organized by the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete and held in Rethymno, Greece, on 13-14 December 2003.

Provincial Elites in the Ottoman Empire

Crete University Press 2006

Provincial elites were an important factor in the life of the Ottoman Empire in many respects: as local leadership, as political figures mediating between the central state and its provinces, as tax-farmers and entrepreneurs, as role models for their peers.

The Bektashi Order in Asia Minor 14th - 20th Centuries: Social, Political, and Economic Parameters: The Traveller's Accounts


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