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     [900] History. Geography
     [920] Biographies
       [928] Persons in literature, history, biography
         [928] Seferis, Giorgos, 1900-1971

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Life and Works of G. Seferis [1900-1971]
Stasinopoúlou, María
Metaichmio 2002
Life and Works of George Seferis 1900-1971
Stasinopoúlou, María
Metaichmio 2000

The book lists and carefully follows the events in the poet's personal life and literary path, in Greece as well as abroad.

The Photographs of George Seferis
Collective Work
National Bank Cultural Foundation 2000
Seferis, at the Pace of Horses
Tsianíkas, Michális
Kanakis 2000
Yorgos Seferis. Poet and Citizen: Multimedia Exhibition
Collective Work
National Book Centre of Greece 2000
The Terrible Splash
Dimiroúlis, Dimítris S.
Plethron 1999

Following his study of Seferis’ aesthetics and ideology (The Poet as Nation, Athens: Plethron, 1997), Dimiroulis proposes here a reading of the poet’s later “Three Secret Poems”, which the critics have largely ignored.

Words With Meaning

Parousia 1997
For Seferis and for Cyprus
Dimitrakópoulos, Fótios A.
Epikairotita 1992
Seféris, Giórgos
Olkos Publishers 1990
Seventeen Essays on G. Seferis
Argyríou, Aléxandros
Kastaniotis 1990

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