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Écoles françaises en Grèce
Antoníou, Davíd
Centre International de Recherche Ésope - La Fontaine (CIREL) 2011
Macedonian Portrait of 19th Century: The Historical Personalities of I. Argyropoulos and F. Piheon Through the Area and the Time

Teaching the Nation
Papadáki, Lydía
Institute for Balkan Studies 2006
Sciences in the South Eastern Europe During the 19th Century
Collective Work
National Hellenic Research Foundation. Institute for Neohellenic Research 2004
Modern Greek education
Bouzákis, Sífis
Gutenberg 2002
The University of Thessaloniki in the Days of Nazi Occupation
Kaftantzís, Giórgos
Paratiritis 1998
Modern Greek ABCs 1771-1981
Kefallinaíou, Evgenía
Paraskinio 1995
Alexandros Delmouzos
Papanoútsos, Evángelos P.
National Bank Cultural Foundation 1984
Second Grade School Book
Oikonomídis, Vasíleios G.
Didymi 1998
Fourth Grade School Book
Collective Work
Didymi 1998

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