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Archaic Colors - A Day at the Acropolis Museum
Collective Work
The Acropolis Museum 2012

Despite the impression we might get when visiting an archaeological museum and seeing colorless white statues, ancient Greek statues were multicolored.

A Day at the Acropolis Museum: In Search of the Goddess Athena

The Acropolis Museum 2011

The Goddess Athena, daughter of Zeus and Metis was the Goddess of wisdom, culture and the arts. She was also closely linked to the city which was named after her.

Greece at the Benaki Museum
Delivorriás, Ángelos
Benaki Museum 2004

Abandon yourself to the fascination of Greek adventure. Trace the exciting course of history of Hellenism: start out in search of the distinctive characteristics of antiquity, find out what made of Hellenism's continuity and cohesion during the Byzantine period, learn more about Hellenism during the period of foreign rule and them move on towards modern Greek state.

Museums and Schools
Zafeirákou, Aígli
Tipothito 2000

This book attempts to explore the relation between museums and schools. Its object is to change the character of museums, which "have been transformed from exhibition centres into cultivating and educating spaces".

Museum Education in Primary School
Iosifídis, Pávlos
Museums and Schools
Kontogiánni, Álkistis
Ellinika Grammata 1995
Folk Museums and Education
Antzoulátou - Retsíla, Evrydíki
Ellin 1991

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