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Eleftherios K. Venizelos, a Biography

Eleftherios Venizelos: Historical Album

Eleutherios C. Venizelos
Délta, Pinelópi S.
Ermis Ekdotiki 2002
Eleutherios Venizelos
Svolópoulos, Konstantínos D.
Ellinika Grammata 1999
Eleutherios Venizelos in Thessaloniki
Zacharópoulos, Níkos G.
Kyriakidi Bros 1997
Eleutherios Venizelos and Greek Foreign Relations 1928-1932
Karamanlís, Kóstas A.
Papazisis Publishers 1995
State, authority, parliamentary system in institutional and political crisis
Tsíros, Nikólaos
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 2000
Greek Foreign Relations Under the Eleutherios Venizelos Government of 1928-1932
Efstathiádis, Nikólaos Ch.
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 1999
The legislative work of E. Venizelos in the period 1911-1920 within his policy of reform in view of the social and practical context of the time
Tsíros, Nikólaos
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 1997
Eleftherios Venizelos as a National Leader
Theodorákis, Emmanouíl A.
Smyrniotakis Publications 1996

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