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     [700] Fine arts
     [790] Recreational arts
       [791.4] Cinema
         [791.4] Cinema - Interpretation and criticism
Collective Work
Gutenberg 2013
Pinku Eiga: Beyond Pink
Collective Work
Aegokeros 2009
In a Dark Passage: Film Noir in Greek Cinema
Collective Work
Brazilian Cinema
Collective Work
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2006
Writings on Cinema
Collective Work
Nefeli 2005
Fritz Lang
Collective Work
Kastaniotis 2003
False Testimonies
Kyriakídis, Achilléas
Ypsilon 1998
Cineselec tion
Moschovákis, Antónis
Panhellenic Union of Film Critics 1994
Essays on Cinema Theory and Critique
Kolovós, Níkos
Kastaniotis 1993
The Moving Picture
Agrafiótis, Dimosthénis
Aegokeros 1990
Thodoros Angelopoulos
Kolovós, Níkos
Aegokeros 1990
Cinema, Sex and Eroticism
Soúmas, Thódoros
Aegokeros 1983
Filmed Cities
Triantafýllou, Sóti
Synchroni Epochi 1990
Woman in the Cinema
Kolovós, Níkos
Aegokeros 1989

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