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Three Homilies: On the Love of God. On Divine Love. On Divine Eros
Nektarios, Metropolitan of Pentapolis
The Way of the Spirit

Indiktos 2009

Elder Aimilianos played an important role in the contemporary revival of monastic life on Mt. Athos, where he served as the abbot of the Monastery of Simonopetra from 1973 until his retirement in 2000.

Spiritual Awakening

Der Weg der Läuterung
Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessaloniki
Concerning Frequent Communion of the Immaculate Mysteries of Christ
Nicodemus Athonite

These words of our Lord Jesus Christ have been, since the moment they were spoken, a "scandal" and stumbling block, and a point of departure for all who could not see in them "words of eternal life" (Jn.

The Truth of Our Faith


The inner life of the Church, where man becomes "god by grace" (St. Athanasios the Great) through the reception of the Divine Energies or Grace of God, is centered on the Holy Mysteries.

The homily of patriarch Proclus "On the most-holy Theotokos" and the answer of Nestotius

Pournaras P. S. 2004
The Truth of Our Faith


An illumined and trustworthy instructor of Christian Truth is hard to find in this age of doctrinal relativitv and spiritual insensibility.

Against Archbishop Christodoulos
Tsirónis, Themistoklís
Verettas Books 2001
I Saw the Holy Light


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