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           [241.63] Marriage - Orthodox Eastern Church
On Marriage and Family Life
John Chrysostom
Family Life


With this present volume, we continue the publication of the counsels of the Blessed Elder Paisios with themes on the family and the ordeals people undergo caused by the crisis the institution of family faces in our times.

Marriage: A Spiritual Arena
Bakogiánnis, Vasíleios P.

"It is more blessed to give"
(Acts 20:35)

When you receive, your hands are filled but when you give, your soul is filled.

Marriage and Virginity in Christ
Ioannídis, Thomás A.
Armos 1998
Beauty Contests and Marriage in Byzantium
Vakaloúdi, Anastasía D.
Kyriakidi Bros 1998
Ascesis and Saintliness in Marriage
Nikolópoulos, Pános D.
Armos 1997
Love and Marriage
Kardamákis, Michaíl S.
Akritas Publications 1995
Christianity and Eros
Sherrard, Philip

In spite of the fact that marriage is recognized as a sacrament by the Church, the attitude of Christian thought towards the sexual relationship and its spiritualizing potentialities has been in practice singularly limited and negative.

Asmatic Wedding Service
Thermós, Vasíleios
Akritas Publications 2000
Fáros, Filótheos
Akritas Publications 1997
Marriage, Virginity
Vagianós, Geórgios S.
Privately Published 1994
The Law of Marriage and Divorce in the Church of England and the Church of Greece in Recent Times 1850-1980
Mavrákis, Arístarchos
Our Home
Dionýsios L. Psarianós, Metropolitan of Servia and Kozani
Apostoliki Diakonia tis Ekklisias tis Ellados 1990
Marriage and Celibacy
Zísis, Theódoros N.
Kyriakidi Bros 1987

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