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Contemporary Greek fiction.
Collective Work
Alexandria 2002
Zacharias Papantoniou as Prose Writer
Keramári, Foteiní
Hestia Publishers 2001

Presented here is Papantoniou's work in the field of prose writing and criticism. This includes his short stories, his Greek and Parisian current event commentaries, and his travel writing from Greece and abroad, all of which are examined not individually, but in comparison, as far as possible, to works by other writers.

The Unedited Diary of Nazi Occupation
Ioánnou, Giórgos
Hestia Publishers 2000

This edition is an exact copy of the notebook Yorgos Ioannou used as a diary during the German Occupation, published in its unabridged form, without the interventions and deletions implemented later on by the author.

Our Contemporary Prose
Sachínis, Apóstolos
Hestia Publishers 2000
The Reader and Literary Creation of Elias Venezis
Ilía, Eléni A.
Astir 2000
Stergiópoulos, Kóstas
Kedros Publishers 1999
Nicolaos Eggonopoulos or the Miracle of Elbasan and the Bosphorus. A Lecture on Nicolaos Eggonopoulos
Empeiríkos, Andréas
Agra Publications 1999
Andreas Karkavitsas, Anatomist of the Folk Community
Baloúmis, Epameinóndas G.
Ellinika Grammata 1999
Modern Greek Prose
Paganós, Giórgos D.
Nikos Gabriel Pentzikis
Petrópoulos, Ilías
Patakis Publishers 1998

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