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     [900] History. Geography
     [920] Biographies
       [928] Persons in literature, history, biography
         [928] Cavafy, Constantine P., 1863-1933

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The Epicurean Poet C.P.Cavafy

Papasotiriou 2013
Les fastes de la décadence chez Constantin Cavafy

Nefeli 2008

Il y a quelque chose de presque insaisissable chez Cavafy, qui attire les chercheurs et les incite a identifier l'element rebelle et inclassable de sa poesie en le rattachant a tel ou tel courant litteraire.

Tsarouchis Reads Cavafy, at the House of Andreas Embiricos
Kaváfis, Konstantínos P.
Agra Publications 2004
C. P. Cavafy: The Canon
Kaváfis, Konstantínos P.
Ermis Ekdotiki 2004

Sexual desire, political ambition, artistic need: Cavafy has a singular apprehension of how these forces make themselves felt in individual lives.

The last days of Constantine Cavafy
Filíppou, Fílippos
Patakis Publishers 2003
Life and Works of C.P. Cavafy
Daskalópoulos, Dimítris
Metaichmio 2002
Cavafy and His Time
Tsírkas, Stratís
Kedros Publishers 2001
Travel in History With Cavafy
Tzouvélis, Spýros
Kastaniotis 1998
Cavafy Editions
Savvídis, Giórgos P.
Ikaros 1992
The Sinner
Peránthis, Michaíl
Hestia Publishers 1992

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