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G. Theotokas - G. K. Katsimbalis Correspondence (1930-1966)
Karáoglou, Charálampos L.
Hestia Publishers 2008

Is the correspondence between Theotokas and Katsimbalis interesting? The answer to this question is a resounding yes, for not only does it shed light on the relationship between two men who played a major role in the history of Modern Greek letters, but it also highlights aspects of Greece's political and intellectual life.

Heading Towards Lucifer
Kalokýris, Dimítris
Nefeli 2001
Ten Unpubished Letters to Christos Samuelidis 1949-1951
Ioánnou, Giórgos
Hestia Publishers 2000
Sikelianós, Ángelos
Ikaros 2000

Here are six hundred and forty-five letters that Angelos Sikelianos sent to friends, publishers and fellow writers from 1902 to 1951.

Letters to a Friend
Vafópoulos, Geórgios Th.
Ianos 2000
Write to Me, Even While Walking
Papadítsas, Dimítris P.
Patakis Publishers 2000
Seferis, Cyprus, Letters and More
Dimitrakópoulos, Fótios A.
Kastaniotis 2000
The Iliden Notebooks
Dragoúmis, Íon
Dear City
Solomoú - Xantháki, Vása
Kedros Publishers 1999
The early correspondence of Tellou Agra and Kosta Ath. Michailidi
Kapsális, Geórgios D.
Gutenberg 1999

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