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Aristotle, On Memorie an Recollection


Nowadays Memory and Recollection are two meanings absolutely confused.
In Ancient Greece though they were of great importance since the word Memory concerned the common function of the brain and is associated with present life, while Recollection concerns the remembering of forgotten events that are embedded in the "eternal memory" of our soul.

Darkness Over the City: Knowledge v. Faith

The Notion of Citizenship in Ancient Greek Philosophy
Collective Work
Academy of Athens 2009
Contextualizing Late Greek Philosophy


[...] The present volume is intended to show that the ideal of an at once sociohistorical and authentically philosophical approach to the spiritual life of the late Greek elites is still alive, and that a presentation of late antique philosophical life that does justice as much to the ideas themselves as to the circumstances in which they were studied and lived is a realizable aim.

Comparationes phylosophorum Aristotelis et Platonis. Liber primum

Ancient Greek Philosophers and Philosophy
Makrís, Níkos
Ancient Greek Philosophers and Philosophy
Makrís, Níkos
Thought, Culture, Action
Moutsópoulos, Evángelos
Academy of Athens 2006
Social Philosophy of the Ancient Greeks
Tsátsos, Konstantínos
Hestia Publishers 2005
La philosophie de la musique dans le système de Proclus
Moutsópoulos, Evángelos
Academy of Athens 2004

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