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Compendium of 1850 Modern Greek Verbs


This Compendium is a collection of Greek verbs used in spoken or written Modern Greek language. It is intended as a reference aid for establishing the various formations of tenses, moods and voices and to assist in the understanding of a Modern Greek text and in the use of correct forms when speaking or translating from one language to the other.

Your Eyes Fourteen
Carr, John

When abroad, speak as locals speak, recommends an old expats' mantra on assimilation.
Thanks to John Carr and Paul Anastasi's "Your eyes fourteen - The mad Greek dictionary", the time-consuming task of mastering colloquial Greek is no longer an arduous trip to "the devil's mother that will get the olive oil out of you".

Dictionary of the modern Greek language
Sakellaríou, Cháris
Ellinika Grammata 2001
Dictionary of the modern Greek language
Sakellaríou, Cháris
Ellinika Grammata 2001
The mini Greek dictionary

Ellinika Grammata 2001
Dictionary of Contemporary Greek
Iordanídou, Ánna
Patakis Publishers 2000
Dictionary of Synonyms
Sakellaríou, Cháris
Sideris I. Publications 2000
Dictionary of Modern Greek
Dormparákis, Panagiótis Ch.
Spoudi 1999
Codified Dictionary of Modern Greek Adjectives and Adverbs
Papanastasíou, Giánnis V.
The Great Dictionary of Modern Greek
Georgopapadákos, Anastásios
Malliaris Paedia Publications 1998

The most completed interpreting and etymological dictionary of the modern Greek, only in one volume.

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