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         [342] Constitutional law

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Constitutional Charters of the Ionian Islands
Collective Work
The Debate on the System of Electing the Members of the European Parliament
Anastasópoulos, Giórgos N.
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 2002

The Treaty of Rome had in 1957 stipulated that members would be returned to the European Parliament according to a " uniform procedure".

The law of politics
Dimoúlis, Dimítris
Ellinika Grammata 2001
The Constitution of Greece 1975/86/2001: Comparative Approach of the Constitutional Revision

Sakkoulas Ant. N. 2001
New Dimensions of Fundamental Rights
Anthópoulos, Charálampos Th.
Sakkoulas S.A. 2001

Subject of this essay is the study of the "new" rights, in light of the current revision of the Greek Constitution.

Constitutional State Organization
Manitákis, Antónis N.
Sakkoulas S.A. 2001

This book addresses from a contemporary standpoint of view and with methodological rigor the meaning of the terms State, Nation, Constitution, and Sovereignty.

From Rigas to A. Papanastasiou
Anastasiádis, Giórgos O.
The Cyprus Question
Papadópoulos, Leonídas G.
Granting Benefits Through Constitutional Adjudication

Sakkoulas S.A. 1999

This book addresses the legal question of the so-called expansionist decisions (sentence additive) in the field of remuneration (predominately in the spheres of public sector employment and social security benefits) in Greece and Italy.

The Constitution as amended
Dagtóglou, Pródromos D.
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 1998

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