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Consumer Protection Law
Karákostas, Giánnis K.
Nomiki Vivliothiki 2012

This widely acclaimed and highly regarded textbook, originally written in Greek by I. Karakostas, a distinguished professor at Athens Law School, and now translated in English, offers an in-depth analysis of consumer protection law in Greece and provides an incomparable insight and commentary on the relevant hellenic consumer protection legislation (Law 2251/1994).

European Private Law. A handbook, Volume I
Collective Work
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 2009
Constitutional Law in Greece
Spyrópoulos, Fílippos K.
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 2009
The European Consolidation Banking Directive (2000/12/EC) and Beyond

Nomiki Vivliothiki 2006
Droit de nationalité: Principes généraux du droit de nationalité, droit de nationalité hellénique, textes
Papasiópi - Pasiá, Zoí
Sakkoulas S.A. 2003
Droit de nationalité: Principes généraux du droit de nationalité: Droit de nationalité hellénique: Textes
Papasiópi - Pasiá, Zoí
Sakkoulas S.A. 2002
The Power of Attorney According to the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure
Triántos, Nikólaos
Nomiki Vivliothiki 2001
Deliktsrechtlicher Schutz bei mittelbaren Persönlichkeitsverletzungen

Sakkoulas P. N. 2001
Basic concepts of Civil Law, III.
Agallopoúlou - Zervogiánni, Pinelópi Ch.
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 2000
Pandect of lease and horizontal property, second edition
Katrás, Ioánnis N.
Sakkoulas Ant. N. 2000

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