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     [900] History. Geography
     [900] History. Geography - Generalities
       [900] History
         [900.4] History - Addresses, essays, lectures
Critique of Anecdotal History
Georgalás, Geórgios K.
Pelasgos 2000
The World and History
Papaïoánnou, Kóstas
Enallaktikes Ekdoseis 2000
The Slavic guide to the history of the Balkans (1991-1993)
Voúri, Sofía
Gutenberg 1999
Two Versions of History
Giannadákis, Níkos
Armos 1999
Historical Guesses
Asdrachás, Spýros I.
Themelio 1995
The Unity of Hellenism: Antiquity - Byzantium - Modern Greece
Karathanásis, Athanásios E.
Kyriakidi Bros 1991
History and Historiography as Basic Lessons in Civilisation
Glýkatzi - Ahrweiler, Eléni
Goulandri - Chorn Foundation 1996
Asdrachás, Spýros I.
Alexandria 1993
Conspiracy in the Mediterranean
Delastík, Giórgos
Synchroni Epochi 1987
Turkey and the Balkans
Kýrris, Kóstas P.
Hestia Publishers 1986
Symphysis Motion
Charitátos, Pétros
Agra Publications 1985

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