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     [500] Natural sciences
     [510] Mathematics
       [512] Algebra
         [512.07] Algebra - Study and teaching
           [512.07] Algebra - Study and teaching (Secondary)
   DDC: [512.07]
Linear Algebra
Georgiakódis, M. A.
Stamoulis Publications 2010
Linear Algebra and its Applications
Flytzánis, Ilías G.
1000 Algebra Exercises
Mantás, I.
1000 Maths Exercises
Mantás, I.
Linear Algebra with Elements of Algebra and Analytic Geometry
Tságkas, Grigórios F.
Kyriakidi Bros 1995
Applied Linear Algebra
Kydoniéfs, Anastásios D.
Linear algebra
Gagalís, Nikólaos
Ion Publishing Group 1992
Work Methods in Exercises Involving Systems, Integrals, Functions
Kagiampákis, Nikólaos E.
Knosos 1990
Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
Schoinás, Ioánnis Ch.
Ziti Publications 1989
Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
Dermánis, Athanásios A.
Ziti Publications 1985
Xagorarákis, G. D.
Knosos 1975
Topics on Combination
Karageórgos, Athanásios

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