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Homer's Iliad

Livani Publishing Organization 2010

Two heroic epics signed with Homer’s name, have been rescued, Iliad and Odyssey. Iliad describes a part of the great war that took place in Ilion, that is Troy, between the Greeks and the Trojans.

Piggy Banks
Trivizás, Evgénios
Kastaniotis 2008
Scarecrow´s Dream
Trivizás, Evgénios
Hestia Publishers 2006
Aesop. His Fables

The strange Mrs Jiefoujie
Ioannídis, Ioánnis D.
Patakis Publishers 2002
The Magic Stage
Sakellaríou, Cháris
Kapsaski 2001
Semolina Boy
Adamópoulos, Aléxandros
Hestia Publishers 2001
Snow White's Theatre
Sakellaríou, Cháris
Kapsaski 2000
Nocturnal Misdeeds
Panopoúlou, Bétty
Kaleidoscope Publications 1999
A Mad Mad Apartment Building
Xanthoúlis, Giánnis
Kastaniotis 1999

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