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Alexandrópoulos, Mítsos
Ellinika Grammata 2007

A novelistic psychogram based on documents and records, this book probes the unquenchable struggle for self-knowledge, the painful journey from the arrogance and passions of youth, to the autodidact mania of perfectionism which marked the private life of Leo Tolstoi -an individual permanently dissatisfied with himself, in search of new forms of life and art.

Five Russian Classics
Alexandrópoulos, Mítsos
Ellinika Grammata 2006

Between the time of Pushkin (1799-1839) and that of Tolstoi (1828-1910), a series of writers matured -Gogol, Belinski, Dostoevsky, etc.

Russian Literature in Greece

Ellinika Grammata 2006

What could one obtain from a book about the presence of Russian literature in I 9th century Greece based on three catalogues: A.

Alexandrópoulos, Mítsos
Ellinika Grammata 2000

Without Mayakovsky that age would have been deprived of its most distinct features expressed in verse.

The Concept of Despair in Kierkegaard and Dostoyevsky
Gaïtánis, Vasíleios
The Great Sinner
Alexandrópoulos, Mítsos
Kedros Publishers 1984

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