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Famous Freemasons Said: Working for More Light on the Stone


The German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the first President of the USA, George Washington, the English Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, the French writer and philosopher Voltaire, the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Italian adventurer and author Giacomo Casanova, the English actor Peter Sellers, the Greek-American actor and film director Aristotelis ('Telly') Savalas, the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the Scottish biologist and pharmacologist Sir Alexander Fleming, the Swiss founder of the Red Cross Henry Dunant, the English writer Alexander Pope, the US actor John Wayne, the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt, the English poet and novelist Rudyard Kipling, the German poet, writer and philosopher Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, the Austrian composer Franz J.

Greek Wisdom: The Land and the People

Quo Vadis Hommo Sapiens?

The Love Book

Ancient Greece and the Modern Manager

Kalendis 2009
Ancient Greece and the Modern Manager

Kalendis 2009
Lióntos, Sotíris
Ypsilon 2008
Witicons: The Illustration of Witticism
Mathiópoulos, Cháris I.
Love is: Love Quotes Collection

Anatolikos 2007
Analecta Balcano - Russica
Papoulídis, Konstantínos K.
Kyriakidi Bros 2005

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