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The Pride of Athens

Periplous 2012

What is in the sacred stone box unearthed by a construction crew in modern day Athens that may turn the classical antiquities world on its head? Is Ariston the same person as the sculptor Alkamenes, student of the designer of the Parthenon, Phidias? Is he the sculptor of the River God, one of the Parthenon sculptures now in the British Museum?

El Greco and the Grand Inquisitor


In the 16th century in Crete, when the isle was under Venetian occupation, a rebel, who was senteneed to death by the authorities, escapes and finds shelter at the painter Domenicos Theotocopoulos's atelier.

Thessaloniki Slaughter House

Psichogios 2011

In 1943, during the Nazi Occupation, two strange bodies are found in the port of Thessaloniki. Officer Aslanoglou regards them completely expressionless.

You Shall Fight with the Gods: A Novel for Leonidas
Stefanákis, Dimítris G.
Patakis Publishers 2010
Seeking the Ultima Thule
Leonárdos, Giórgos
Livani Publishing Organization 2010

From the shiny Greek Cyclades to the frowning, but magical Venice. And from there to the end of the world.

300: The Hunt for Ephialtes

Libro Publishers 2009

The Spartans may be thought of as the Samurais of the Western World. They led a frugal life, trained daily for battle and war, and sought to attain knowledge and divinity through a frugal and abstinent life.

Secrets of the Swamp
Délta, Pinelópi S.
Hestia Publishers 2009
Imaret: Under the Shadow of the Mosque Clock
Kalpoúzos, Giánnis
Metaichmio 2008

1854 in Arta of Epirus. Two boys, a Greek and a Turk, are born at the same night and their destinies are bound for a lifetime.

Julian the Apostate
Zalokóstas, Chrístos P.
Hestia Publishers 2008
The Gem of Ionia
Alexándrou, Giánnis
Livani Publishing Organization 2008

The events that marked the history of Greece defined the life of Sofika, Krikor and their daughter Angela.

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