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     [300] Social sciences
     [300] Social sciences - Generalities
       [303.48] Technology and civilization

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Holy Scripture and Globalization: Signs of Convergence and Divergence
Ioannídis, Thomás A.
Pournaras P. S. 2009
On the Word's Stage: From Belgrade to Tehran
Zoumpoulákis, Stávros
Hestia Publishers 2007

Two falls, two demolitions seem to define the new century in terms of international politics: the fall of the Wall of the Berlin (the end of communism and the Cold War) and the fall of the Twin Towers (the beginning of the global war against terrorism).

The Dynamics of Civilizations: Dialectic Approaches
Stavrianós, Giórgos
Globalization: Illusions and Realities: International Conference: 30 November - 1 December 2001, Piraeus
Collective Work
Economic Systems, Development Policies and the Enterpise Strategies it the Age of Globalization: Essays in Honor of Professor Stergios Babanassis
Collective Work
Papazisis Publishers 2006
Greek Hangover
Koúrtovik, Dimosthénis
Nefeli 2005
Socialist Register 2005
Collective Work
Savvalas Editions 2005
Socialist Register 2004

Savvalas Editions 2004
Globalization Technology and Paedeia in the New Cosmopolis

Perivolaki & Atrapos 2004
Globalization and Modern Society
Collective Work
National Centre for Social Research 2003

The discussion on globalization has called into reconsideration fundamental questions that are central to the social sciences.

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