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The Seismic History of Crete
Papadópoulos, Gerásimos A.

The book introduces the geodynamics and seismicity of the HA-T region, the Minoan archaeology of Crete going back to the 2nd millennium BP as well as an analysis of the main documentary sources used and the methodology followed to calculate historical earthquake parameters.

Wind and Wave Atlas for the Hellenic Seas
Collective Work
Proceedings of the International Workshop in Geoenvironment and Geotechnics
Collective Work

The aim of this international workshop is to provide a forum for the world's leading scientific and technical communities to interact and address the main issues and the key challenges in geoenvironmental and geotechnical research and applications in the beginning of the 21st century.

Lólas, Chrístos
Libro Publishers 2005

How the winds have "blown" into Mythology, how they appear in folk tradition, what is their nature, how they affect living beings in the ecosystem of our planet and how they have artistically inspired the human spirit.

The Cave of Lakes

The Cave of Lakes

The Mediterranean sea

Kaleidoscope Publications 2002
The Mediterranean Sea

Kaleidoscope Publications 2002

The kit "The mediterranean sea - A source of life" aims to be a model and creative tool, offering the development of imagination, knowledge, curiosity, observation, and insight, guiding the children to an awareness of marine environmental protection.

Applied Geochemistry
Kelepertzís, Akíndynos E.
Makedonikes Ekdoseis 2000
Theodoríkas, Stérgios S.
Ziti Publications 2000

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