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Green Plants & Herbs of Greece


Greece is a country in which dietary traditions have been formed more or less over millenia. Research has shown that the domestication and systematic utilisation of wild plant species, such as the lentil and types of grain, already began during the Mesolithic period.

Herbes & plantes de Grèce


La Grece est un pays dont les habitudes alimentaires se sont dans l’ensemble formees il y a quelques milliers d’annees.

Wildgemüse und Kräuter Griechenlands


Die Essgewohnheiten der Griechen hatten sich bereits in der mittleren Steinzeit mehr oder weniger herausgebildet.


Lampráki - Matthaiáki, Myrsíni
Ellinika Grammata 2000

For millennia, wild greens have been a part of the Greeks’ diet.Tasty and nutrient-packed, greens figure in a range of recipes, from raw or boiled salads to pies and meat stews.

Edible Greens of Mountain and Plain
Papoúlias, Thanásis
Psichalos Publications 1999

From the rich and beautiful Greek nature this book introduce you to the magic world of herbs. The book shows you how to identify, choose and prepare herbs and ways to use them safely and simply in your daily routine.

Lampráki - Matthaiáki, Myrsíni
Trochalia 1997

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