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Folksongs from Valtetsi, Arcadia

Academy of Athens 2010
Folksongs from Valtetsi, Arcadia

Academy of Athens 2010
The Roumlouki: Songs and Dances
Collective Work
Lyceum Club of Greek Women 2008
Greek Demotic Songs
Kapsoménos, Eratosthénis G.
Patakis Publishers 2008
Songs and Tunes from the Island of Cos

Academy of Athens 2008
Neugreichische Volkslieder in den originalen und mti deutscher Ubersetzung

Kyriakidi Bros 2005
Folk songs of Skyros, Greece

Crete University Press 2004
Greek Demotic Songs
Kakoulídis, Geórgios I.
Vyzantines Mousikes Ekdoseis 2003
Demotic Songs of Roumeli
Papathanasópoulos, Thanásis
Kastaniotis 2001
Folk songs from Northern Epirus
Katsalídas, Grigóris N.
Gutenberg 2001

This collection comprises of 826 folk songs from Northern Epirus. G. Katsalidas has gathered together this valuable treasure which represents an everlasting monument to the oral tradition of Northern Epirus.

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