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         [305.8] Ethnology
           [305.88] Greeks
Древние Греки
Orama 2009
Ancient Greeks
Orama 2009

Anciens Grecs
Orama 2009

Decouvrez, connaissez et vivez toutes les facettes de la Grece par l'intermediaire de la serie "About Greece".

Alten Griechische
Orama 2009

Antichi Grecia
Orama 2009

Attraverso la collana "About Greece", scoprite, conoscete e vivete di persona tutti gli aspetti della Grecia.

Das alte Griechenland im neuen

Parallel Portraiture of the Ancient Maceconians and the Greeks of the Same Ethnicity

Chaos and the Greeks
Dimotákis, Pávlos N.
Georgiadi "Vivliothiki ton Ellinon" 2006

It is not in the purpose of this research to take a position in favour of, or against homosexuality, but to find out ancient Greeks' own views on the issue.

The Origin of the Hellenes
Dimópoulos, Dimítrios P.
Eleftheri Skepsis 2005

It has always been my belief that it is not enough for somebody to claim that he is Greek, if he cannot prove that he is indeed Greek and that it is not enough for somebody to live in Greece to be called a Greek.

The Greeks and the Black Sea

The Panorama Cultural Society 2002
Makrynikólas, Nikólaos
Privately Published 1998
Greek Society on the Threshold of the 21st Century, and the Future of Hellenism
Kintís, Stávros A.
Livani Publishing Organization 1998
When the Courtesans
Papanikoláou, Níkos, A.
Greece Awaken
Bótsaris, Óthon S.

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