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The Aegean World
Collective Work
Kapon Editions 2013

The Ashmolean Museum of the University of Oxford is home to one of the finest collections of art and archaeology in the world.

Archaic Colors
Collective Work
The Acropolis Museum 2012
Archaic Colors - A Day at the Acropolis Museum
Collective Work
The Acropolis Museum 2012

Despite the impression we might get when visiting an archaeological museum and seeing colorless white statues, ancient Greek statues were multicolored.

The Parthenon Sculpture
Collective Work
The Acropolis Museum 2010
Ancient Lands

Synolo 2010

The album you are holding in your hands is a memory of the land where Athena appears to be reborn, over and over again;

Collective Work
Cube Art Editions 2010
Eros, from Hesiod's Theogony to Late Antiquity

Museum of Cycladic Art 2009
La mer des dieux, des héros et des hommes dans l'art grec antique

Kapon Editions 2008
The Sea: Of Gods, Heroes and Men in Ancient Greek Art

Kapon Editions 2008
La peinture funeraire de Macedoine


Le plaisir que l'on eprouve a presenter au public un livre comme celui de Hariclia Brecoulaki vient de ce qu'il est a la fois tres attendu - en raison de l'aura qui entoure a priori son objet - et completement nouveau par la maniere dont celui-ci y est aborde.

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