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       [723.2] Architecture, Byzantine

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Byzantine Architecture and Act of Worship: Proceedings 1st Seminar: Mechaniona -Thessalonike, June 13, 2005: Introduction, Thematic Contributions and Responses

Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Architecture in Greece
Boúras, Charálampos Th.
Melissa Publishing House 2006
Byzantine & Post Byzantine Architecture in Greece
Boúras, Charálampos Th.
Melissa Publishing House 2001

Fifteen centuries of architectural activity have left within the area of contemporary Greece a great number of ecclesiastical monuments that are worthy of attention and academic study.

Byzantine palaces and surrounding buildings
Paspátis, A. G.
Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki
Collective Work
Recos 1997

Even now that it has become a modern megalopolis, Thessaloniki is still a city with a very special appeal This may be due to the fact that it has preserved a variety of monuments that represent a number of historical periods, while still retaining a distinctly Byzantine flavour.

Redina IV
Moutsópoulos, Níkos K.
Society for Macedonian Studies 2000
The Survival of Byzantine Architecture and New Post-Byzantine Forms
Deligiánni - Dorí, Eléni
Goulandri - Chorn Foundation 2000
Building Form in the Late Byzantine Period
Papagiánni, Elefthería S.
Goulandri - Chorn Foundation 1995
Symbol and Form in Early Christian Baptismal Fonts
Prokopíou, Geórgios A.
Pyrinos Kosmos 1985
Cosmologic Symbolism in Byzantine Church Architecture
Prokopíou, Geórgios A.
Pyrinos Kosmos

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