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     [300] Social sciences
     [360] Social problems and services
       [362] Health services
         [362.2] Psychopathology
Euphorica phantastica
Karávatos, Athanásios
Exandas 2003

Kastaniotis 2002

A clinical approach to schizophrenia is as much a challenge for the clinical psychiatrist as it is for the other mental health professionals who are not only called upon to deal with manifestations of a patient’s mental disorder and the effect this behaviour may have on those close to the patient, but are also charged with organising and rendering meaningful the long and laborious task of ensuring their patients’ social integration and psycho-social rehabilitation.

The hyperkinetic child and difficulties in learning and behavior

Ellinika Grammata 2001
Being Accountable
Markídis, Mários
Exandas 1999
Schizoaffective and Affective Psychosis
Papadópoulos, Taxiárchis Th.
Psychopathology of the Infant Age
Chasápis, Ioánnis G.

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