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     [300] Social sciences
     [300] Social sciences - Generalities
       [306] Social anthropology
         [306.4] Cultural policy
           [306.43] Sociology of education
Education and society in Greece
Pyrgiotákis, Ioánnis E.
Ellinika Grammata 2001
Learning and Educational Practices
Vratsális, Kóstas A.
Topics in Sociology of Education
Vakaliós, Athanásios
Paratiritis 1994
Sociology of Education
Kazázi, María G.
Ellin 1993
Sociology of Education
Fragkoudáki, Ánna
Papazisis Publishers 1985
Equal Opportunities in Education
Tompaΐdis, Dimítris E.
The Variable Nature of Society and the Contribution of Education
Aravanís, Geórgios E.
Students´ Social Origin and Language Performance in School
Aravanís, Geórgios E.
Sociological analysis of Greek education
Kontogiannopoúlou - Polydorídi, Gítsa
Gutenberg 1995
Topics in Sociology of Education
Vakaliós, Athanásios
Paratiritis 1994
Aggression: A Social Problem in the Family and School
Vouïdáskis, Vasíleios K.
Basic Concepts of Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron in the Sociology of Education
Pateréka, Chrysí
Kyriakidi Bros 1986

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