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Chatzidákis, Mános
Exandas 2007
Short Steps
Dímou, Níkos
Patakis Publishers 2004
In the Face of Adversity
Karapostólis, Vasílis
Alexandria 2002

In his new treatise, Vasilis Karapostolis examines the development of the paramythitikos or parigoritikos (comforting) form of speech from ancient times until the present.

The metamorphoses of secret Greece
Theodorópoulos, Tákis
Oceanida 2002

The City and Man
Fotéas, Panagiótis
Efthini 2001
Notes from the End of the Century
Vagenás, Násos
Kedros Publishers 2001
The Mythologic Void
Polítis, Aléxis
Polis Publishers 2000

"In his book Against Mythopoeia Alexis Polites maintains that during the whole of the 19th and 20th centuries, we have observed the conscious or unconscious transformation of modern Greek historical facts into national myths – myths such as the alleged (according to the writer) national and social actions of the Greek revolutionary guerrillas ("Klephts and Armatoli");

A Quiet Man
Lagkouvárdos, Móschos
Editions of Friends 2000
Story at the Edge of Time
Rámfos, Stélios
Kastaniotis 2000
Study All
Dimotákis, Pávlos N.
Georgiadi "Vivliothiki ton Ellinon" 2000

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