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         [302.3] Love

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Masturbation: Analysis of Human Masturbation
Zórzos, Grigóris I.
Olympic Champion
Mantouválou, Sofía
Patakis Publishers 2003

Eros rules in the sphere of excellence.
The innumerable unaccountable denizens of the world have pushed him off his throne.


Sexual Contact and Prophylaxis
Loumákou, María
Tipothito 2001
La vida erotica de los Griegos antiguos
Soúli, Sofía A.
New Year in Love
Mantouválou, Sofía
Ellinika Grammata 2000
Love in Religion or The Ideology of Love
Lentákis, Andréas
Kastaniotis 2000

This volume essentially examines the ideology of love, and more precisely love as a life value in Ancient Greece and in Christianity.

Foteinós, Kóstas
Love Life of the Anciet Greeks
Soúli, Sofía A.

A luxury edition, the pages of which are full of relevant historical information and rich photographic material accompanied by pleasurable texts.

Christianity and Eros
Sherrard, Philip

In spite of the fact that marriage is recognized as a sacrament by the Church, the attitude of Christian thought towards the sexual relationship and its spiritualizing potentialities has been in practice singularly limited and negative.

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