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Arcadians: Origins, Character, their Diaspora in Ancient Times and their Contribution to Civilisation

Das alte Griechenland im neuen

Europe through Greece

Hestia Publishers 2006

The notion of Europe – which now tends to be identified with the European Union – is the distillation of a long quest that began in the Renaissance with the discovery of the unique contribution of the ancient Greeks.

Sir Steven Runciman's Contribution to the Promotion of the Byzantine Civilization: Procedings of the International Congress: Mystras, 27 & 28 May 2001

The Greek World
Katsoulákos, Dimítris Th.
Patakis Publishers 2004
Classic images of art art and culture
Tsokópoulos, Vásias
ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games 2004
Studies on Hellenism, Christianity and the Umayyads


Eptalofos 2004
Ancient Greece and the Modern World: 2nd World Congress, Ancient Olympia, 12-17 July 2002: Proceeding
Collective Work
The world wide spredding of the hellenic civilization
Methodios G. Fouyas, Metropolitan of Pisidia
Livani Publishing Organization 2001

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