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             [153.12] Memory
Aristotle, On Memorie an Recollection


Nowadays Memory and Recollection are two meanings absolutely confused.
In Ancient Greece though they were of great importance since the word Memory concerned the common function of the brain and is associated with present life, while Recollection concerns the remembering of forgotten events that are embedded in the "eternal memory" of our soul.

On Memory
Papagiórgis, Kostís
Kastaniotis 2008

How reliable is memory? Can we recall everything that has happened to us, everything we have done, and, if so, in what way precisely? When we try to retrieve a memory, is it possible that the self begins a game of disguise and concealment? What is the probability that we remember only what pleases and flatters us, blocking out anything unpleasant or distasteful? What happens when our mind decides to draw us down into the depths of time and confronts us with our feelings? In this essay on memory, Kostis Papagiorgis not only raises thought-provoking questions, but also offers some elegant answers to a series of much-discussed but as yet unresolved philosophical and anthropological issues.

Memory and Reminiscence
Drakontaeidís, Fílippos D.
Patakis Publishers 2000

The process of remembering and especially the relationship between the historical memory and the computers' memory are a vast and unexplored territory.


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