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           [371.3] Compositions (Pupilary) - Study and teaching
Modern Language Expression - Composition for The 2nd Class of High School

Ziti Publications 2001

This book comprises of: Presentation of the grammatical and syntactic theories on tabular form -n Answers to the exercises included in the main textbook - Additional exercises for further comprehension of theory - Supplementary passages for the reinforcement of the themes in the several units.

The Teaching Method of Composition - Expression, B and C Class. Techniques of The Production of Speech
Farmákis, Dimítris K.
Ziti Publications 2001

This manual of speech, developing the changes in the manner of teaching the subject of Modern Greek Language, approaches the most representative, techniques of speech production and it provides respective exemplary applications, that materialize with accuracy the theoretical planning of every literary form.

New Greek Language for 3rd Year Gymnasium
Savváki, Chrysí
Ziti Publications 2001

In this book an attempte is made to help the students understand basic grammatical phenomena of the New Greek and learn how to write a proper composition.

Language Instruction for All Students
Salvarás, Giánnis K.
Privately Published 2000
Teaching the Written Word
Chatzigiánni, Ioánna
Dictionary of Developed Concepts
Rómas, Chrístos G.
Epikairotita 1989
Summary of Modern Greek Writing. Essays of General Interest
Eleftheriádis, Antónis I.
Synchroni Penna 1998
Word and Expression
Dimakópoulos, Giórgos
Mavrogiánnis, Giórgos K.
Athina 1995
Essays on Preoccupations
Grigoriádis, Níkos
The Dialectics of Writing Composition
Pantazís, P. D.
Epikairotita 1985
Writing Composition
Grympogiánnis, Konstantínos Ch.
Hestia Publishers

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