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The Breeze and the Chimney


They all wait for him, the joyful, cool Breeze to run, to fly to blow. He is in a hurry. His dreams and travels call him.

The magic bookmark


A student dislikes school and reading. He dislikes them so much he gets a rush just by hearing those two words.

The Princess who didn't Eat Eggplants


How troubled is the life of Princess Helena! She does not like eggplants, need she say it again? Helena has everything.

Tale in Red
Stofóros, Konstantínos
Tale in Orange
Stofóros, Konstantínos

Marianna loves orange color -and everything with orange color (oranges, carrots etc)- and with a magic turn of events she finds herself in Portokalia.

The Volcano who Got the Sniffles


"Sleepy has the sniffles."
"It's alright, it will pass! It's only a cold!"
"But Sleepy is not a human.

The Sun who Lost his Way


"And what is so wrong with my liking game playing instead of learning Geography?". That's what the naughty sun, Shiny, kept saying all the time.

The Fruit Village


Teeny-weeny is visiting her grandparents, who live in the Fruit village. With them she reveals the secrets hidden in the green and full of sweet smells grandpa's garden.

Water - Waste, Fairy - Solution
Collective Work

What if one day all taps were drying up due to wasted water?
Fortunately there are children and fairies with magical fairy dust.

The Adventure of Father Evangelos

Potamitis Publishing 2012

Father Evangelos is assigned to celebrate the Divine Liturgy of a major feast for the parish of the neighboring Upper Village.

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