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     [500] Natural sciences
     [500] Natural sciences - Generalities
       [501] Science - Philosophy and theory

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Evolutionary Unfolding of Iconic Forms in Natural and Biological Systems: Philosophy About Unfolding in Physics and Biology

Pan philosophy: Introduction to the philosophy of history, of economy, of management, of law, of technology, of mathematics, of art and civilization: From the antiquity (prosocraticers) to the 21st century
Patrinós, Dimítrios Th.
Ellin 2004
Fossil life
Romanós, Konstantínos P.
Ellinika Grammata 2002
Science and Design
Tzónos, Pános
Papasotiriou 2002

Are really science and design two different mental activities? This book is an attempt to find the answer.

Philosphical Analyses
Papagoúnos, Giórgos
Papazisis Publishers 2000
The Glory of Science in Ancient Greece
Manousákis, Geórgios E.
Patakis Publishers 1998
Skepticism and New Science in the Philosophy of J. Glanvill 1636-1680
Dellís, I. G.
Tipothito 1998
Pythagoras and the Mystical Pythagorean Teaching
Grávinger, Pétros
Ideotheatron 1998
Philosophy of Science
Avgelís, Níkos
The Dialogues of Aristovoulos and Orthagoras
Païpétis, Stéfanos A.

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