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Timothy Tottle's Terrific Dream


Timothy Tottle's Terrific Dream is an adventure story for young children. Written y a psychologist, it addressesmany of their key bedtime concerns - Is it possible to disappear down the drain? Is their size changeable?

Pablo Ponticasso

Modern Times Publications 2009

Every night Pablo Ponticasso emerges from his mouse-hole and wanders around the museum where he lives, gazing at the paintings and reading about the lives of the artists.

The Star-Child
Wilde, Oscar
Metaichmio 2008

A charming, philosophical fairy tale by Oscar Wilde about a baby boy found by a poor woodcutter in a bright and beautiful star.

The Christmas Tree
Andersen, Hans Christian
Metaichmio 2007
Alexander the Great

Modern Times Publications 2005
Mother Holle
Grimm, Jakob Ludwig
Metaichmio 2004

There was once a widow who had two daughters -one of whom was pretty and industrious, whilst the other was ugly and idle.

20 Rules to Help you Do Well in School and not Drive your Teacher Crazy
Weinstein, Mark
Ellinika Grammata 2004

Are you ready for school? You will be after our friends from the animal kingdom teach you these 20 Rules that will help you learn well and get along with others.

20 Rules to Have a Safe and Fun Vacation and not Drive your Parents Crazy
Weinstein, Mark
Ellinika Grammata 2003

Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeare, William
Kedros Publishers 2003

Shakespeare for Children. With utter respect to the original text, the illustrated heroes utter in their turn words of the Shakespearean works, expressed in such a way that makes their meaning clear and easily understood by children.

The lonely seal and Mrs. President's coat
Tasákou, Tzémi
Kedros Publishers 2001

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